Welcome To Prospect Rainbow

Prospect Rainbow has been set up in response to the increasing number of children with special needs (developmental, behaviour and learning difficulties)

The main mission of the centre is to provide consultation, assessment, intervention and learning support services to children with special needs and counseling and training to their families.

Prospect Rainbow programmes incorporate a number of approaches, teaching strategies and instructional methods to provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum.

For children with difficulties in relating communication, language, play and social adaptation, the programme includes :

  • Structured Teaching
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Developmental, Relationship-based (Floortime/DIR-Model and the RDI or Relationship Development Intervention)
  • Sensory Intergration activities
  • Affect-based Language Curriculum
  • Social Stories & Social Thinking

For children facing basic literacy, numeracy and processing difficulties

The programme is individualised and customized to suit the student’s needs. A parent or mentor is required to sit in with the student during these sessions, so that he/she will be aware of what is being taught and how to follow-up at home.